Benefits of Almonds

Do you eat almonds?

These fruits have various properties. Let’s discover them!

– They can protect the heart: this is possible thanks to the role of vitamin E, which brings decisive benefits reducing the risks of heart attack.

– They can reduce the level of your cholesterol: its regular consume can help to lower the levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood.

– They are beneficial to the bones and the teeth, thanks to the presence of phosphorus

– They are useful food that allows you to keep under control the blood pressure thanks to the presence of potassium and a low sodium content.

– They can protect your skin: in fact, many cosmetics can contain almond because it makes your skin better and brilliant.

-They can cure some inflammations

-They are good for your hair

-They can reduce the risks of diseases and the risk of cancer.

-They offer protection to those who suffer from diabetes. reducing the quantity of sugar in the blood, especially after meals.

– Almonds contain many nutrients that help in the health and development of the brain, reducing the risks of Alzheimer.

-Almonds can be considered a complete food: for this reason they are recommended in cases of malnutrition.

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