“The Intouchables” (2011): the Plot

Have you ever seen ” The Intouchables“?
This movie is inspired by the story of the French tetraplegic Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his home helper Yasmin Abdel Sellou, (who in the film is called Driss).

Let’s discover the plot!

In the beginning of the movie, there is the scene of a Maserati that runs at high speed. The young Driss is driving and next there is Philippe. The two are stopped by the police because of the high speed and Driss, while being arrested, explains to the cops that he was running fast because his friend felt bad and they were running to the emergency room. Philippe pretends to have a stroke and police officers, believing that the man is really bad, accompany the two men to the hospital. Then, Driss and Philippe ran away.
From this specific moment, there is the story of their friendship.

So there is a flashback that tells when Driss and Philippe met. Philippe is a rich tetraplegic who lives in a large building and is looking for a caretaker. Among the many aspirants, elegantly dressed and with many references, Driss looks scruffy and rude: the boy is not there to get hired, but only to get a signature that attests his participation in the meeting just to receive some benefits for himself and his numerous family. Philippe is surprised by the presentation of the boy, and invites him to appear the next morning to get the signed letter.

Driss returns home, but according to a woman behavior it is possible to understand that he had spent six months in prison. The next day, Driss returns to Philippe, and Yvonne (Philippe’s assistant), shows him the house and the duties he will have to carry out.

Thus, Driss can decide whether to accept the social welfare signature or work for Philippe, living in luxury.

In the early days Driss does not agree with the assistance he has to give to Philippe. But time by time, Philippe and Driss begin to establish a friendly relationship. Philippe claims that he does not care about Driss’s past because he is the only one who treats him as a person and not like a sick person.

Driss is hired indefinitely. Among the two there is more and more confidence in both Philippe’s and Driss’s private life: Philippe reveals to Driss that he became tetraplegic after an accident while practicing paragliding (a sport that he never stopped practicing, even as a paralytic) And that his wife (who now is dead because of a tumor), was unable to conceive and so they adopted a daughter: Élisa. She is a teenager and Driss pushes Philippe to take care of the girl.

Philippe also has a virtual “relationship” with a woman named Éléonore.
Driss encourages him to meet her, but Philippe hurries, because he fears to receive a refusal caused by his physical condition. But then, thanks the help of Driss, he decides to send her a picture.

At his birthday,Philippe pushes Driss to listen to classical live music, but the caretaker finds it boring because he can not dance. So Driss let Philippe listen “September” a song played by the Earth, Wind & Fire.
This is one of the best moments of the movie.

After party, Driss shows Philippe that Éléonore has replied to his letter, with an attached photo. Finally, Philippe decides to meet her.

However, Philippe was really scared to meet her. So he calls Driss and they together take a private jet to go paragliding. On the jet Philippe gives Driss an envelope containing the money received thanks to a painting: in a previous scene Philippe teached Driss to paint. For helping his economic situation, Philippe sold Driss’ painting with a great success.

Thus, Driss uses the money earned up to contribute to the difficulties of his family and he manages to get hired in a transport company.
At the same time at Philippe’s home are now getting new caretakers, perhaps more prepared but rigid and sometimes incapable of doing their work.
Accordingly, Philippe can not establish with any of them the same relationship with Driss, falling into depression.

Yvonne is worried: so he contacts Driss who decides to take him away. The plot returns to the car ride, showing the sequences of the police pursuit, until the arrival to the emergency room. After having abducted the police Driss decides to bring Philippe to the sea. Afterwards, Driss oblige Philippe to cut his beard and to wear an elegant dress because he wants to bring him to the restaurant for a dinner.
But when they arrived at the restaurant, Driss wishes Philippe good luck, and he goes away. Few seconds later, Éléonore comes. Philippe doesn’t believe in his eyes. Through the window, he sees Driss smiling and they say goodbye.

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