Cyclone Debbie and its damages in Australia

There is a strong emergency in the East of Australia, in particular in Queensland and New South Wales, which have been shocked by the now ex-cyclone Debbie. With its wind speed up to 200 km / hour, Debbie has brought massive damages and at least five deaths. Now it has reached the south with record rainfalls. The town of Rockhampton (the “capital” of the beef), which estimates around 80,000 inhabitants, has carried out the evacuations in the majority of the houses. In addition, because of these non-stop rainfalls, the river Fitzroy (that runs through this city) has reached 9 meters.

It is a terrible situation: houses, schools, roads and bridges will be rebuilt, and the damage will reach billions of dollars. This is the declaration of the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, after meeting with the heads of the emergency services. Around 5,400 homes and shops in areas of low altitude (such as crops, roads and bridges) are in a difficult situation. Thousands of homes are now without enegy power systems.
What about people? They are really scared. Because of the damages, children can’t go to school, adults can’t go to work, but the worst thing is that many of the Australian people are now homeless.

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