New Telegram Updates

Telegram is a free instant messages service.
Many people considers it similar to Whatsapp but it differs from some little things and now there are interesting updates that you need to know.

Now you can make a voice call in the Telegram chat and the service is completely encrypted. This means that you can talk in a situation of protection. In addition, the new updates allows you to change the compression of video that will be shared. This is already possible in the countries of the Western Europe, but afterwards it will be extend to the rest of the world just in a few weeks.

Furthermore, the iOS and Android users can make phone calls directly from the app. About encryption – the written text is ‘end-to-end‘. What does it mean this term?

The system end-to-end allows to show communications only to the person who sends and who receives them. In calls the security method will change: caller and receiver can be sure of just privacy comparing four emoji that appear on the screen of your smartphone.
According to some theories, Telegram phone calls will be the best in terms of quality, speed, and security in contrast to other famous apps.

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