Jewels stolen in Paris!

Did you know?

Last 3rd April (2017) the city of Paris has saw a big theft!
This happened at the Art Paris Art Fair 2017, which is a show of modern and contemporary art, situated near the prestigious Champs-Elysees Avenue.

Among the works showed at the Grand Palais to this art exhibitionthere were some very valuable jewelry.What happened?
Two thieves snatched this material which has the value of 200,000 euros!($215,000)

The theft took place in a quickly way: a shop assistantĀ had a bag with full of these jewels and she was waiting for the arrival of some workers who had to retrieve them. However, in this specific moment two men arrived: one of them has tried to distract the shop assistant, telling her that he had fallen a ticket. As she bent down to pick it up, the other man stole the bag that she had placed on the ground. Just a minute later, the two men had disappeared.

Who are the two responsible? It is a mistery: accordingly, an investigation took place in these days. However there are some suspects about some thiefs who have recently stolenĀ gems from a Cartier store in Monaco with the worth of millions of euros.

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