Mogwli is real!

In Uttar Pradesh, the Indian police has found a 8 year girl who was living with monkeys!
It’s incredibile!
She doesn’t speak like human beings and she behaves like animals. In fact, when the vice-inspector Suresh Yadav tried to rescue the young girl, he saw something strange.
The Primates and the girl wanted to scare him uttering cries. However, with a lot of patience, rhe inspectore managed to take and deliver her to the local hospital.

The manager of the hospital, the doctor Singh has declared that initially, the young girl behaved like an animal: eating without the use of hands, preferring walking with the help of the hands and feet and “speaking” through guttural sounds. Accordingly, she doesn’t understanding any type of language.

This discovery dates back to some weeks ago, Now, the situation has improved: according to the doctor of the local hospital, after weeks of treatment, she manages to stay more upright with her back but she’s still afraid of human beings.

This event let us remember the “The Jungle Book“, one of the Rudyard Kipling Fairy Tales, which deals with the history of Mogwli, an Indian boy who lived and grew up with animals in the jungle.

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