The Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park is located in the United States and more specifically in the northwest Wyoming state and it is also limited (for a short distance) by the states of Montana and Idaho.

It is one of the best tourist destination: in fact, millions of people visit this place each year.

Yellowstone is the oldest (1872) and the largest (3,400 square miles) National Park of the USA. It is made up of mountains, lakes, rivers, rainfalls and forests.

What are the origins of this area?
The responsible of the creation of this type of territory is a volcanic eruption: in fact, hot gases and fluid magma are still present beneath this land.

Are there any animals in Yellowstone?
Of course. There are many species of protected wild animals: for instance, deer, buffaloes, coyotes, moose, birds and various species of snakes.

However, the park is divided into five distinct and different regions:

  • Mammoth Country, which is a termal area
  • Roosevelt Country
  • Geyser Country: here there is the presence of the Old Faithful geyser
  • Canyon Country, in which you can see the Lower high waterfall that is two times bigger than Niagara.
  • Lake Country, in which there is the greatest concentration of wildlife.

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