Types of Eyeshadows

Did you know that there are many types of eyeshadows?

They differ not only for the color, but also for their consistence.

1.Matt Eyeshadow

This type of eyeshadow is characterized by the complete absence of pigments that reflect light. So these products have absolutely a brilliant effect.
When can you use it?
You can use a matt eyeshadow if you do not want to highlight particular skin blemishes such as eyelids.


2.Metallic Eyeshadow

It represents the latest trend!
This type of eyeshadows generally has silver or pearl reflections.
When can you use it?
The metallic eye shadows are not for all!
The darker colors are difficult to combine, so you can see some tutorials on YouTube!


3. Pearly Eyeshadow

These are the most common eyeshadow available on market. You can find them in all colors!.
When can you use it?
You can use this type of eyeshadow when you want to make a brighter eye. It’s very good in the case of small eyes.


4.Satin Eyeshadow

It is a mix between the matt and the pearl eyeshadow.
When can you use it?
In any occasions! You can use lighter colors in your everyday make up or darker colors in the nights!

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