What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

This is one of the most difficult questions…

So, which came first? This is a famous casuality dilemma, based on the observation that chicken produce eggs, but at the same times chicks hatch from eggs, creating a simil-paradox.

The question is also a metaphor for a situation where no one knows the right course of the events between two or more different situations, where one is definitly the cause and the others are the event.

Even thought the question is most of the times asked in a metaphorical way, if we think about it in a literal way, the answer is the egg. Here’s the explanation.

  • If the question is referring to eggs in general, the answer is obviously eggs, since eggs started being laid by primordial animals way before the first bird technically ever came to existence.
  • If we refer the question to chicken eggs, the answer is the same: the egg came first. That’s because the first egg with the DNA of a modern chicken was first laid ages ago by an animal that was a proto-chicken, a chicken what still hadn’t completly evolved to the stage we now today, so basically not a chicken (yet).

Philosophically speaking, ancient philosophy is the one more concerned about this difficult questions: Aristotle was often questioning himself which came first between chickens and eggs and his answer was the chicken, since the idea of something, like an egg, which had to be produced, to be born from nothing was an aberration according to him.

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