Daisy Flower: Types and Features

Do you like daisy flower?

There is a large variety of daisy flowers in terms of size and color: they may have colors ranging from white to red or pink but the most diffused color of daisy is white and yellow.

Varieties and use:
The daisy flowers, in addition to being very beautiful, have certain properties and can be used for many purposes. Fresh flowers, freshly picked, may be a good help for the treatment of boils, but also can have an antispasmodic.
In addition, in the kitchen, the heads of the flowers can be used to prepare a good tea. The flowers and leaves chopped fresh are useful to alleviate pain resulting from bruises or sprains.

Where can you find them?
The daisy flower widespread in the fields, on roads, on greens and in fallow lands.

Main features:
The main characteristic of the daisy flower is that it closes during the sunless days or rainy days while, during the day, with the presence of sunlight it will follow its movements.
Moreover, the flowers of daisies are very frequented by many insects such as butterflies and bees.

Did you know? They can also withstand temperatures of many degrees below zero!

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