The majestic and precious Fabergé eggs.

Fabergé eggs are legendary.

Fabergé eggs are reknowned jeweled eggs and they’re probably numbering up to 69. These marvellous objects were crafted by the House of Fabergé, from which they take their name. Peter Car Fabergé virtually directed all of the eggs’ manufacturing from 1885 and 1917.

The Fabergé eggs are different in shapes and size, with different stones and decorations that link the every egg to a monument, historical period or place. The most expensive ones were gifted to the Tsars Nicholas II and Alexander III as Easter gifts for the imperial family.

An entire line of Imperial eggs was made for the Russian Tsars. The collection was made of 50 peculiar eggs, however only 43 are considered extant because some of them were lost due to the events of the Russian Revolution.

The first egg was so much appreciated by the wife of the Tsar that Fabergé was appointed as a goldsmith by special appointment to the Imperial Crown. In time, the Fabergé family was forced to leave Russia because of the revolution and the nazionalization of the Fabergé shop.

The Fabergé brand was sold many times to different companies and the trademark is now owned by the Fabergé Limited. This brand still produces jewelry shaped like eggs or inspired to the most famous Fabergé eggs.

There is an entire detailed list with all the existent Fabergé eggs and their actual location and their value is so historically important and expensive that it’s considered to be priceless.

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