Puritanism in England

England has suffered various religious conflicts.

During the 17th century there were three main factions:

– Anglicans

– Catholics


The last ones, rebelled against the authority of the official Church, rejecting the rituals and the traditions of Anglicans and Catholics.

What were the main features of Puritans?

Their preaching was based on the Bible. Furthermore, they had a strict moral code: luxury was wicked and entertainment had to be avoid: accordingly, in the past many London’s theatres, shops and pubs were closed. Church was the only place in which people could go on weekends.

Work was very important: in fact, they were sure that only a holy life full of hard work could save man from his Original Sin.
They belonged to the middle class and they were strongly against the upper classes. Why? Because rich people wore jewels and ornate clothes, violating the moral licence.
Success in life was possible only with work, representing a sign of God’s grace, while poverty was another source of sin.

This religious class has been discriminated in the following years (during the reigns of James I and Charles I). Accordingly, the majority of them had to leave Britain and to go in some countries of America.

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