How to Take a Good Selfie.

You must not stay behind with the Selfie craze!

People take selfies literally everywhere, from their houses to very dangerous places. Taking selfies has become such a trend that it’s almost a daily routine for many to take selfies during their daily life. But what are selfies?

A selfie is a photo taken with the “reverse camera” option of a mobile phone that enables the user to take a picture of himself while holding the phone. Selfies gives a very peculiar angle to the picture that enlights the features of the face and the surroundings. With the advent of “selfie sticks” selfies are now a common way to take group photos.

If you’re wandering how to take the perfect selfie, this article will give you just the right tips. The first thing you need to do is obviously strike a pose. In order to capture a good angle of your face, make sure to try different poses showing your “good sides” and trying various camera angles.

A good moment to take a selfie is when you have something new to show to the world. A new haircut, item of clothing or pair of earring will most likely make your selfie more appreciated by your social media friends.

Don’t forget to smile and make an interesting expression: if you have a bad frown noone is going to like your selfie. Try to also focus on just one feature, that will make your selfie straight-forward and more rewarding.

Most of all: remember that there’s a beautiful world out there and a phone will never be able to catch its beauty like our “simple” eyes can. Don’t forget to step away from your daily selfie activity sometimes and just enjoy the view.

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