The first Ferrari park has been inaugurated in Spain!

Did you know?
Since April 2017 the first theme park entirely devoted to Ferrari has been inaugurated in Spain. It is located in Tarragona, a few kilometers from Barcelona.
It is a suitable idea for all motor enthusiast, with a particolar attention to the “Formula 1”

This theme park has been created by the group Portaventura World and it offers various services such as the roller coasters named Red Force which have a strong capacity of accelerating in a few seconds according to more than 100 metres of height.
Among the interesting attractions there are also “the Thrill Towers”, which are freefall “Ferrari” towers.

The main goal of this theme park is to let people know the world of Ferrari (Italy), which estimates millions visitors a year from all over the world.

Here you can see an Italian atmosphere thanks to the reproduction of many historical monuments of this country and there is aso the possibility to live three magical experiences:

1) Ferrari Land Gallery, an interactive journey in which you can learn the history of Ferrari

2) Racing Legend, a dome that will make you feel the real sensations of a Formula 1 driver

3) Flying Dreams, which is an imaginary trip on a real Ferrari.

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